Distillery Exclusive (Acacia Wood)

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Bushmills Distillery Exclusive is a non-chill filtered single malt whiskey with a higher ABV strength of 47%. It is first matured in charred bourbon barrels and toasted sherry casks, then carefully aged in acacia wood for more than a year.  Acacia wood has been on Earth for more than 20 million years thanks to its famous indestructible quality.

The taste of the Distillery Exclusive is subtly spiced by the casks with warming hints of nutmeg. The liquid features honey and floral notes complemented by sweet vanilla and dried fruit flavours, finishing with a hint of cinnamon and a whisper of wood.


Colour: Medium deep gold

Nose: Rich spiced floral berries

Taste: The sweet spice intensity develops from the first taste creating a creamy mouthfeel. Honey and floral notes rush in marrying with the sweet vanilla and accentuated dried fruit flavours

Finish: Long, rounded and warming spice


Volume: 700ml

Alcohol: 47%

Dispatched: 1-2 days